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Welcome to Aesthetic Intex 

" Elevating Spaces with Artful Design. Explore innovative acoustic panels, bespoke wooden creations, exquisite ceilings, and impeccable cladding. As South India's FritsJurgens pivot official distributor, we merge Dutch sophistication with your interiors. Transform your space with Aesthetic Intex – where every detail is a masterpiece."

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Dutch manufacturer FritsJurgens designs and manufactures a focused line of specification-grade pivot hinge systems that has tested everyone's assumptions about what’s possible when it comes to designing and building pivot doors. 

 FritsJurgens Pivot Hinges and door systems.

Ceiling, Cladding, and Precision Metal Works

"Metal Marvels: Elevate with stunning ceilings, discover flawless cladding, indulge in precision metal works – where creativity and craftsmanship meet modern elegance."

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Wood & Panel Acoustic Artistry

"Harmonize Spaces with Wood and Panel Acoustic Artistry. Our meticulous craftsmanship ensures a perfect blend of aesthetics and acoustic excellence, transforming your surroundings into auditory masterpieces, where sound becomes an art form."

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinges


"Aesthetic Intex's team helped me transform my home into a beautiful and functional space that I love spending time in. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for high-quality interior design."


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Ready to transform your space?

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