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Aesthetic Intex

You imagine it.  We make it reality

Aesthetic Intex is India’s leading specialty Hardware, Acoustic, interior Ceiling  &  Claddings company.  Our promotors three decades of experience across wide range of projects enable us to make your imagination in to reality with perfection. No requirement is too complex or large to us.  


The Promoters of this company has 28 years of vast working experience in various MNCs.  We remain flexible in adapting products to meet local requirements. Our tradition of bringing breakthrough products to the market makes us the company of choice for an array of applications, including innovative systems of Door Pivots, Acoustical ceilings & Claddings, facades etc. We are continually seeking, testing, and developing new concepts that will enable us to meet ever-more-demanding standards of performance.


From specification to installation, we work with architects, designers, and builders to manage light, heat and acoustics. Expertise in customization, fabrication, installation, and technical support delivers outstanding products with our hallmarks of design, performance and exceptional durability.


The portfolio includes many high– profile projects, from retail corporate and commercial facilities; to major transit centres and public spaces; to hospitality, health care, and educational/governmental building.

The Aesthetic Intex Started operations started in 2018 and they offer internationally acclaimed & recognized products. We are offering the following products for: -


  • Frits Jurgen Speciality Pivots for Doors

  • Interior Metal Ceilings and Facades

  • Pet Acoustical Ceilings, Cladding & Clouds

  • Wooden Acoustic Ceilings & Claddings

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