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Dutch manufacturer FritsJurgens designs and manufactures a focused line of specification-grade pivot hinge systems that has tested everyone's assumptions about what’s possible when it comes to designing and building pivot doors. 

FritsJurgens had the simple but revolutionary idea of putting all their pivot closer technology in the door, removing the mess and cost of an in-floor closer, and liberating designers and builders to dream big. Being FritsJurgens, they've never stopped innovating and improving on this idea. 


Aesthetic Intex is the official South India distributor and technical support partner for FritsJurgens Pivot Hinges and door systems.

Sales & Technical Support 

Whether you are a dealer and distributor, OEM, fabricator or designer, or specifier, we want to partner with you to support your current and future design/build projects.

(+91 )  73381 79478

(+91 )  99809 4062

Systems Overview :  Learn more about FritsJurgens pivot door solutions.

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FritsJurgens Pivot Hinges

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