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System M+

System M+ offers control over every part of the door movement for light and heavy pivot doors.




 Latch Control


Damper Control


30º Speed Control

Features of System M+

1. Latch Control

Provides the ability to adjust the pivot hinge to latch the door properly.

2. Damper Control

Ensures a smooth and elegant closing movement and protects your door from touching the wall (back-check).

3. 30º Speed Control

Allows you to determine the speed of the pivot door through the last part of the closing movement.

FritsJurgens System M +

4. Fully adjustable door movement

Thanks to Damper Control, 30° Speed Control, and Latch Control, System M+’s movement is fully adjustable.

5. Proper latching

Latch Control ensures that doors with latching bolts always close properly. Ideal for exterior pivot doors.

6. Small to oversized doors

System M+ is suitable for light doors and heavy doors in a range of 80 kg to 500 kg for ultimate design freedom.


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