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Ceiling, Cladding, and Precision Metal Works

Metal  Cladding

Elevate your architectural vision with Aesthetic Intex's metal cladding expertise. Crafted from premium alloys, our cladding solutions combine strength and sophistication. Immerse spaces in the timeless appeal of aluminum, stainless steel, and other high-quality metals, meticulously designed to enhance durability and aesthetics. Explore a symphony of textures and finishes, curated to bring your projects to life with a blend of modernity and resilience."


Metal  Ceiling

Enrich your surroundings with Aesthetic Intex's unparalleled metal cladding solutions, extending to breathtaking ceiling designs. Elevate spaces with our meticulously crafted ceiling panels, blending the strength of premium metals like aluminum and stainless steel with avant-garde aesthetics. Choose from a spectrum of textures and finishes, as we redefine the overhead experience, transforming ceilings into statements of sophistication and durability.

Our Project's Gallery View

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